Welcome to this website, and to the new blog!

This website for my artwork has been in development for several months. I have worked closely with Imbue Developers to bring this site to life, and I would like to thank them for their time and their tireless effort!

About me:

I am a visual artist currently living and working in Colorado. My work is not directly about thought or politics, it is rather about fantasy and escapism, two enterprises which arrive with their own built-in politics.

For more info, please visit the About page, or feel free to email me at any time! Also, if you explore the artwork on this site, It will tell you much more than I can tell you here.




one of my recent pieces.  Acrylic on canvas, origami paper, Pokemon cards, plastic 10” x 10”


About this blog:
In this blog I will talk about art. Yes. I will discuss both art that I see and art that I do. Right now I also blog at www.illiteratemedia.com, and you can see several of my art reviews there.

But this blog is the only place where you will see me discussing my own processes and works.

In this space, I may occasionally write about other topics, such as technology, books, or places that I go. My work is influenced by many many things, and I plan to record most of what I see and do here.

Thank you for reading!